Monday, January 7, 2019

This weeks books

This week we will read books about going to the grocery store. We will talk about eating healthy foods.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Week of Dec 10 - 14

Hello Preschool Families

We are still reading books written and illustrated by Eric Carle.  The books for this week have been posted on the blog.  We will have a special snack of blue jello and cool whip to represent the story Little Cloud.  In the story Little Cloud the cloud changes shapes and turns into other objects.  On Friday we will follow up with the story It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles Shaw and see what how the stories are similar and different.  The children have been working VERY hard this month on a special surprise for the Book Share (Dec 20, 2018).  We hope to see you there. 

A few other things that are new in our classroom - the dress up area is back to a house area, but I added baby items for the children to play with.  Our magnet wall is going to have a marble run on it - so the children can explore different ways to make the marbles go down.  Brown Bear has been busy in the block area to create ta new challenge for the children to make.  Our water table will have shaving cream and animals...we will pretend the shaving cream are clouds in the sky.  I added a new yoga pose - ask your child to show it to is the Zigzag pose.  And finally the new area in our classroom is the FREE ART AREA - where the children can go and be as creative as they want and use their artistic skills. 

Have a great week - we will be busy here learning and playing .

Books this week

Monday, November 26, 2018

Our books this week

This month we start our new theme. We will read books that Eric Carle wrote and illustrated

Monday, November 12, 2018

weekly update

Last week the children had a lot of fun learning more about Henri Matisse - his different styles during his lifetime.  They loved creating their own still life paintings using water color paints.

This week - we will wrap up our learning about Matisse - how he used scissors to create art.  We will also use scissors to create art and then use cookie cutters to dip in paint and spell our names on our art work.  We will display these on our bulletin board in the back of our room.  We will also try to make stain glass art by coloring on transparent sheets.  We will be working on another project, but that will be a surprise for families - sorry I cannot say anymore.  We will also talk about being thankful.  What does thankful mean?  We will talk about different things we are thankful for and create a thankful for book.

This year I am giving the children different BLOCK CHALLENGES -  so this week we will try to put blocks on shape mats to match the different shaped blocks on the mat.  We will also keep our I can build block cards out to give suggestions on different structures the children can build.

We will add sand in our sensory table along with animals, so the children can use their imaginations at the sensory table.

We will start weekly jobs after the break so we have been talking about each job and modeling what the job expectations are. 

Reminder there is NO SCHOOL next week - Nov 19 - 23 for Thanksgiving break.

Conferences are Nov 19 & 20 a sign up genius link went out for sign ups - or call the main office to schedule one with Jeanne.


Books this week

Here are the books we will read at group this week.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Our new greeting

We are practicing this new greeting while entering our classroom. We are practicing this with an adult before giving it to a child for a job. All of these greetings can be done with a gentle touch. The children can say hello if they want but not a have to.

Feel free to practice at home.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Artist week 1

Our first artist went went well - the children loved exploring different ways to be an artist.  This week we will touch upon Henri Matisse - 2 days will be free art where the children can keep exploring on their own, but the other 2 days we will do a more structured Matisse art projects.  One day we will do a still life painting of flowers or fruit and the other day the children will cut out different shapes and create a mobile.

They have enjoyed playing on the light table and creating different shapes and "art" on the table.  The children have also loved playing with the water beads and oatmeal in our sensory tables.

I have been gathering data for Parent Teacher Conferences which will be held in a few weeks - sign ups will be posted soon.  Keep an eye out for them.

If you would like to come in a volunteer in the classroom an email went out to sign up.

Books for this week

We will read books about Henri Matisse's this week as well as feeling mad.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Nov newsletter


November brings us cooler weather, and learning about the artist Henri Matisse.  In three short weeks we will talk about different Matisse artwork and styles. We will continue to talk about mad feelings and strategies to use when we get upset.   Also, we will talk about being thankful and what we are thankful for in our life.  You can also talk with your children at home about things they are thankful for.

The children will become artist themselves and have the opportunity to use oil pastels, water color paints, mix paints to make new colors, still life painting, create paper mobiles, “stain glass art”, and finding their own artistic style.  We will read several books about Henri Matisse and look at his artwork to learn more about his life.  From what I have read Matisse started as a painter, created stain glass windows, and later in life when he got sick he used scissor to cut out shapes to create his artwork.

Other areas in the classrooms – our dress up area is back to a house area with babies and food.  Our block area will has big cardboard tubes to use for ramps, tree blocks and our community garden rocks from the open house the children created in August.  It will be interesting to see what they create in this space.  This month the children will get a chance to explore our light table using different shapes and blocks that go with it.  The children will also get a chance to explore our marble works and peg tower sets.  There are new fine motor  and math materials out as well such as big beads to lace, pattern blocks to create pictures, fruit counters, counting cookies, dominoes and more.

Our greeting song will be “Here Today” I will post words on the blog, and our new sign in method is matching their picture to their first name.  The children are working hard to recognize their name and the letters in their name. 

The 4-year-olds will be working in their handwriting books while the 3 year-olds will be creating letters with wooden pieces.  We will be working on how we hold a crayon using a 3-pt grasp.

Both classes have been working hard at creating classroom books to share with you in Dec at our Book/Author Celebration.  

Ms. Nancy and her husband Tom have been working hard at creating a few new things for our playground.  There is a new mud kitchen and soon to be car for the children to play on.  I am sure they will both be a big hit on our playground.  Along with all the fun we will have on our playground please dress your child in appropriate clothing so they are warm enough on the playground.  

Thur Nov 1 -  PJ day with Ms Joy
Friday Nov 2 - Book Orders due
Nov 19 - 23 - NO SCHOOL – (Thanksgiving Break)
Nov 19 & 20 - Parent Teacher Conferences – (details will be out soon)
Dec. 20 - Author/Book Celebration (10:30 – 11:15) (2:00 – 2:45)
Dec 21 - PJ and short video day

Ms. Darcie