Monday, May 13, 2019

Books this week

Farm Update

The children are loving the farm theme so for now we will continue along with the farm theme.

Last week the children worked hard creating their name nests - pictures posted.  As well as their chicken life cycles that they will finish tomorrow.

I will also post a picture of the books we will read this week. 

Questions to ask this week

What is in the water table? 
What was our special snack to eat?
What did we make for a project with Tammy?
What table work did we do with Darcie?
What is happening with our eggs or caterpillars?
Who did I eat breakfast or lunch with?  What did we talk about?
What was my favorite thing to do today?
Who was the greeter and how did I greet them?

Monday, May 6, 2019

Chicken coop

How to play in the chicken coop

Here is how to play in the chicken coop.

Dramatic play area

What can I do in this area

Farm first week

Hello Preschool Families

The children had a blast with the farm last week.  We talked about things we would see on a farm, what might grow on a farm, and farm animals. 

This week we are focusing on chickens.  We will feather paint, create a chicken life cycle, and spell and write our name on paper eggs to put in a nest.

Our dramatic play is now a chicken coop - pictures soon to follow.  The children will pick a number card and find the correct nest to find the correct number of eggs.  Also in the dramatic play area will be a egg shape matching and don't drop the egg game. 

We will also make pickles this week - hopefully they will be ready by Friday to taste!!

The children enjoyed washing the wool in soapy water last week.  This week we will dry it and let them see what it looks like now - how is it different.  What animal does wool come from?  What do we do with wool?

Pam from Burnham Library will be visiting both classes this week.

What can I ask my child this week?
How did you make pickles?
Did you like the taste of pickles?
What is going on with our butterflies?
Did you play in the chicken coop?  How may eggs did you find?
What books did Ms. Pam ready to your group - what songs did you move to?
What was your favorite part of the day?